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1. What can I use Sales Machinery for?

Generally speaking, Sales Machinery is the next level international market place for industrial machinery. Every official dealer of new and used machines, as well as companies selling specialized equipment and individuals, are welcome to register. Here you can post ads and sell your equipment to worldwide auditory. You can also buy any equipment of the main heavy-duty industries as well as spare part, important as much as the machines. For more information, please follow this page.

2. How can I register?

The registration in Sales Machinery is extremely easy for any user. You just need to click on the button Register.

Create new account form will appear. You need to select either you are Individual or a Company.

Make sure you fill all the required fields. Then tick on the T&C and Privacy policy.

After that click on the I am not a robot button and pick the required images

You are almost there, one click away from REGISTRATION. Click on  Register 

Congratulations, you are now able to publish ads and/or start looking for equipment!

3. How to post an ad?

To post an ad you need to fill in the following information in the following required fields:

Post an ad (for all categories)

  • Industry
  • Category
  • Subcategory

Basic information (for all categories)

  • Usage
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Year
  • Price
  • Included VAT

Every time you click on the NEXT button, make sure you filled in the required fields.

Technical information (different for different categories)

In here you need to add the technical information of your equipment/machine.

You need to fill in the required fields (different for different categories) please check the example as follows:

In order to post an ad in any category, you need to fill in the following:

  • Type of engine
  • Transmission
  • Own weight
  • Moto hours/km

For each Industry/Category/Subcategory you have different characteristics as options. You can find most of the options with drop down menu with multiple choice for your convenience. In case your equipment has more technical information than the fillters we provide you, you can add it in the Additional information as description. In case your equipment/machine doesn’t have all the technical information we visualize, you can always skip this step. Only after you filled the required fields you can go forward.

Additional equipment (different for different categories)

In here there is no required fields, but as many of the option you choose as better for the buyer to get an idea of your equipment/machine.

Location and Additional Info (required for all categories)

The location of your equipment/machine is a required field. You can easily fill in your address by select a continent first, country (again with drop down menu), and then you need to type the city address.

  • Location
  • More information
  • Description (Here you can type your own text, describing the condition of your machine/equipment etc.)

Photos, video and files (for all categories)

  • Ad Photos (You can upload up to 15 (fifteen) files only the following formats: jpg, jpeg or png)
  • Files (if  you want, you can attach files certificates, specification, talon only in PDF format)
  • Video (you have the option to post a video (not required)

The video file can be uploaded from your device or you can paste YouTube link from your channel.


As you enter your ad, you will find out for yourself which fields are required and which are optional.

If you successfully entered the data in the fields, you must click the button  Preview and save the ad to upload the ad. In case the information you entered is not sufficient, you will not be able to continue, but will be returned to the place where you have to enter the mandatory information for the ad. In case you don't have or you don't know any of the required fields information, try to type 0 (zero) or you can contact us. When you are publishing an ad, you will have the option to comunicate with an Administrator through live chat shown at your RIGHT side of the screen. Your ad will be not published unless you click on the SAVE button in the both right corners. After that you will have the option to promote you ad. In case you don't wish to promote your ad choose the third option WITHOUT PROMOTION and Save and Close Button. Now you are able to see list with all your ads, where easily you can copy the same ad's characteritics with this button  and you can make changes according to the next machine you want to publish. 

Also you can EDIT your ad by pressing the button . Or if you need you can deactivate an ad click this button 

4. How to send a message?

You can send a message to a seller in several ways:

  • When viewing an ad and want to send message to a seller, you can find the Startchat button (below the seller’s information) when seller is Online. In case the seller is Offline you can send the request directly from the form below it.
  • When you click on the mailing envelope icon in the top menu of the site
  • While browsing the seller's page, press the Start chat button in the contact section when seller is Online. In case the seller is Offline you can send the request directly from the form below it. 

A prerequisite for using the Sales Machinery chat system is to log in if you have not already done so. Otherwise you will not be able to use the chat system.

5. What can I edit in my account?

The Edit account page contains the following panels:

  • Basic information
  • Addition information

In Basic information, you can change the following in your account:

  • User data
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Country
    • Phone
    • City
    • Zip
    • Address
  • Company info (if account is registered with this type)
    • Company name
    • Vat number
    • Owner
    • IBAN
  • Change password

In Addition information you can change the following in your account:

  • User info
    • Facebook Profile
    • Youtube Profile
    • Description
    • Logo/avatar
    • Official dealer of the following brands (if you are an official dealer)
    • Spoken languages
    • Basic currency
    • Basic language
    • Basic unit system
  • Аddresses
  • Photos

You can edit all the above listed options. The only one detail in your account you can't edit through this page is your email address. In case you need to edit your email address you need to contact us. 

6. How can I edit my account?

You can access the Edit account page from the following locations:

  • The gear button in the top menu of the site
  • In the Edit account section, which is in the drop-down menu of the profile button, which is also in the top menu of the site

7. How to renew my subscription plan?

To renew your subscription, you need to click on the  Renew button at the top My ads page and then Buy plan button, where list of optional plans will appear.You can reach this page from the Subscription/Credits/Orders page as well.You will be redirected to a new page where you can view the order information. You will also be required to enter the information mandatory to issue an invoice, and a payment form as well. Then you need to press the Order now button and proceed with the payment.

8. How to validate my promo code?

Verification and validation of the promo code is done by checking the I have promo code box, you can find it at the bottom of the page. To verify and validate your promo code, you must type the promo code in the box and hit the Check it button, then review what it offers and hit the Apply button to activate it. Keep in mind that some of the promo codes will replace your subscription with a new one, and the new one will completely replace the previous one, no matter what it is.

9. What are credits?

Credits are the virtual currency in the Sales Machinery platform. With it, you can purchase additional ads (in case you have reached the allowed limit of your current package) and promote your ads. When you would like to promote your ads and if you are out of credits, a screen will appear where you can buy the remaining credits.

10. How can I purchase credits?

You can purchase credits from the bottom panel in the Credits tab, there is a box where you can enter the number of credits you need. In the same panel the price of the selected credits will appear corresponding to the number of credits you have selected. The Order button, will take you to a payment page.

11. How can I buy machine / equipment / vehicle / spare parts?

You must be a registered user to purchase a machine / vehicle / equipment /spare parts for the first time. If you just want to see ads, then you don't necessarily have to have a Sales Machinery account. If you try to order anything from the site, you will be redirected to registration. To buy a machine / vehicle / equipment / spare parts when you are logged in, now you can start the detailed search of the equipment / machine / spare parts you are looking to buy. You can start your search from Sales Machinery HOME page or by clicking the button BUY. Either way first you need to choose an INDUSTRY your machine / vehicle / equipment / spare parts fits best in, then choose a category and if it is optional subcategory. This way you will be able to use and apply filters for more detailed search. The biggest advantage of our filter engine is that you can only see the filters that the posted ads in this category have. This way you are able to save even more time. For example: If you are looking for Tank Truck, you need to filter firstly Transport Industry, then filter Truck Category, after that filter the subcategory as Tank Trucks. Now you able to see list of Brands (it will appear only the brands of the tank trucks published in SM) of Tank Trucks, when you choose a brand and click on the APPLY button, you will see a list with just the models published on Sales Machinery platform.You can add even more precisely filter search by applying more filters such as type of engine, transmission, air conditioning etc.

After you review the list with the posted ads and choose the best machine fitting your budget and location, you need to get in contact with the seller. When you select the ad you want to buy machine / vehicle / equipment / spare parts now you can proceed buying. This is possible only by contacting the seller through the website. There are 3 ways to contact the seller:

  • Seller's phone number
  • Chat with the seller through our chat system
  • Send a request for the ad

You can find these 3 methods on the page of any ad.

If you choose the first method, then just click on the button to display the whole seller's phone number and have a phone conversation with him. The easiest way to make an inquiry about a particular ad without misunderstanding is to mention where you saw the ad (namely Sales Machinery) and quote the ad number if it is convenient for you to check it in your account before calling.

If you choose the second method, press the Start chat button and start a chat with the seller. If the seller is not online, he will immediately be informed, as we inform the recipient to whom you sent the message and it will be part of the history correspondence at Sales Machinery site when the user logs on again. With this method you don’t have to specify the number of ads, as on the dealer’s chat window will appear. 

If you choose the third method, press the Request button and type your inquiry. In case the seller is online, he will immediately see your message in his live chat window. In case the dealer is offline he will receive your message on both his email address and chat system in Sales Machinery, once he logs in again.